Friday, 22 September 2017

Disarray - An abstract thought

Did I see it as an abstract when I shot this? Frankly, no! But something about this captivated my imagination.  When I saw it later, on my computer scene ,I found it disquieting. It had a sense of disarray, discordance which somehow I found interesting and yet made me uncomfortable.

Disarray abstract photography

Abstract photography should raise questions in viewer's mind and this definitely raised in mine. Why it was left like this? Who left it? It also had a sense of finality to it. Has something happened here? So many questions!!

Abstract thought process can develop even after one captures the image and looks at it. 


  1. It was a warm evening, the sun declining...
    The place was bathing awhile in the warmth of conversations.
    What did they speak?
    Somewhere the gardener was sprinkling the lawn,
    tea was perhaps being served;
    it was some evening to remember.

    Why is everything now in a disarray?
    Was the twilight a reminder to hurry
    and bring the long winding debate
    to some point of finality?

    Everyone has left; the chairs
    in disconsonance, something hapless;
    look at the way they stand and the way
    some have fallen!

    Something went awry
    on an evening;
    and I do not know why!

    1. I am in awe Sushama and touched and happy that you have wonderful words to enhance my photo to another level.

  2. The story has here been staged for you to shoot it and for us to weave it. Words and images come to my mind: confusion? ... End of a happy event? ... Different scenarii are being built by the viewers. But the most important was your very feeling of something potentially strong.
    This abstract realism takes us back to the meaning of our miniscule lifes.
    Great work, Sonali.

  3. This was perhaps the aftermath of a famously successful wedding reception where there were more in attendance than there were chairs to seat them all! :-) In fact, the many people were so happy for the newlywed couple that they danced and drank late into the evening, no longer interested in sitting, and this is what the grounds crew found in the morning after that wonderful celebration of life!

    1. I like the story you have narrated here. Full of joy and positivity :)

    2. Well, it is a wedding in my version so... what could possibly go wrong? Haha!


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