Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Do I see in abstract?

Creativity with water..

I am often asked , do you see in abstract or you create an abstract. I feel I always see in abstracts. And as I have an eye to see in abstract, I can also create an abstract from the non-abstract I see in front of me. What helps is an ability to observe beyond the obvious.

From darkness to light

Here is a photo of the Lotus pond I captured today. What attracted me is the gradation from darkness to Golden shimmering light dancing on the water. Golden light is still in distant, not so clear and yet beckons towards the bright future, raising the hope. I loved the bubbles which are visible in darker portion. Signs of hope? 

Water can be one of the best subjects to create an abstract. By being bereft of any specific form , it provides ample opportunity for me to give it a form I like. 


  1. A wonderful post! Definitely you create abstract because you have that ability to envision the unseen.
    What is striking in yoir photo of today is this almost surreal feel water is almost solid. And that triggers imagination beyond limits. Not only is the shimmering light creating fantasy, it is also adding a magical power to the ensemble.

    1. Thanks a lot Fran├žoise :) your ability to read my abstracts I have always admired!

  2. My God..it looks like solid steel..but it's water..
    The shimmering light gives the whole image a magical tint, beautiful abstract!

    1. Thank you so much Lefti :) Life has lot to offer and it is all here ! Period of darkness and light , continuous cycle.


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